• Welcome to YOUR Learning Centre

    This place is for you.  As healthcare continues to grow and evolve and in order to keep up with best practice and new legislation, you need to have a place that will organize and track your learning.  This is it!  

    The Learning Centre is your own personalized learning hub.  You will find eLearning modules, videos, documents, podcasts, website links, tutorials, calendars, forums and so much more.

    Electronic learning allows you to access your learning anytime and anywhere. The Learning Centre will automatically track and manage all your training online. It's a great way to track your own learning.  You can even take your grades or certificates with you to your performance evaluation.   


Available courses

The Bethany Group is committed to providing employees with an annual information review to enable them to perform safely and effectively in their roles. Annual education is compulsory for all employees of The Bethany Group and applicable Housing Management Body partners. It serves as the annual review required for each employee and shall be supplemented with other content specific to the employees' site and role with the organization.

Welcome! This is your opportunity to become familiar with the Learning Centre as you complete a few basic online learning modules required for your orientation. This course is evolving even as I type this.  We are working hard to develop modules that meet your learning needs and engage you as a learner.

 Welcome Health Care Aides in Training. This is your student hub. The hub will have your class calendar, student expectations, funding information, convocation details, etc. In addition to emails, I will post current communication posts here too. 

This training is set up to provide you with the mindset and tools you will need to become a great mentor. Each lesson is created to provide you with selected readings, meaningful learning activities, and discussion questions to bring back to your cohort.

Congratulations! You are about to enter an exciting and positive journey with your mentor. The Bethany Group has invested in building a mentorship program with the intention to help the mentee reach career goals, enhance skill development and foster growth for both the mentor and mentee. The following are lessons to help give you a head start in the program.  Each lesson is created to provide you with selected readings, meaningful learning activities, and self-reflection questions to consider as you prepare for your role as a mentee.

The course is designed to provide new and existing managers with an understanding of essential leadership skills. It will provide managers practical resources and tools to further develop and enhance their roles.  The course covers topics such as how to give meaningful performance evaluations, how to be a change leader, conflict resolution techniques, building trust and resiliency within your team, understanding budget and FIRMS reports, how to build reports in the incident reporting system, etc. 

A healthy board can foster a healthy organization. No matter how long someone has been serving on the same or different boards, there are always new things to learn, new challenges to address, and new problems to solve. Board members must use carefully refined leadership skills to function properly in changing environments. Highly skilled board members inspire staff members and volunteers. Working together, they are able to grow the organization and its impact on the community.

Just-in-time learning is set-up to deliver training when and where you need it. Just-in-time learning is eLearning modules, tutorials, videos and podcasts that allow you to focus on "nuggets" of information to perform specific tasks and solve problems as they pop up.
MAP for Health Care Aides (HCA) is an online self-paced course with optional drop-in ZOOM sessions and lab practice with the instructor you can register for. The course will provide learners with a variety of learning activities to further develop and enhance their knowledge and skills required to assist with safe medication practices. This course is open to all Health Care Aides working in Home Support and Designated Supportive Living and who are assisting with medications. 
The prerequisites are certification as a Health Care Aide or Deemed Substantially Equivalent, for example, International Registered Nurse working as a Health Care Aide.

The Continuing Care Health Service Standards (CCHSS) set the minimum requirements that operators such as The Bethany Group must comply in the provision of Health Care. This page is set up to assist continuing care (Lodge, DSL, LTC and RCC) staff with organizing CCHSS education requirements.

Standard 9.0 sets mandatory training requirements. There are several mandatory education courses you can meet by completing the eLearning module online or by attending a face-to-face training session 
๐ŸŸก - Please read the course description for each requirement.

Workplace health and safety is everyone's responsibility. Active participation and cooperation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence in The Bethany Group. This course page is set-up for staff requiring a review of safety codes, hazard assessments, WHMIS, etc. Workplace health and safety education is updated frequently, so visit often for current information and training. 
As part of the Rosehaven Provincial Program, we strive to meet the various needs of staff education by providing options for how you receive education. Self-Study modules allow you to study independently and fit education into your busy schedule.

๐Ÿ‘‰Many of the self-study modules will meet your CCHSS education requirements.