Welcome to YOUR Learning Centre

This place is for you.  As healthcare continues to grow and evolve and in order to keep up with best practice and new legislation, you need to have a place that will organize and track your learning.  This is it!  

The Learning Centre is your own personalized learning hub.  You will find eLearning modules, videos, documents, podcasts, website links, tutorials, calendars, forums and so much more.

Electronic learning allows you to access your learning anytime and anywhere. The Learning Centre will automatically track and manage all your training online. It's a great way to track your own learning.  You can even take your grades or certificates with you to your performance evaluation.   


    Available courses

    The Bethany Group is committed to providing an annual review of information to employees to enable them to perform safely and effectively in their roles. Annual education is compulsory for all employees.  It serves as the basic annual review required for each employee and shall be supplemented with other content that is specific to the employee's site and role with the organization.

    Welcome! This is your opportunity to become familiar with the Learning Centre as you complete a few basic online learning modules required for your orientation. This course is evolving even as I type this.  We are working hard to develop modules that meet your learning needs and engage you as a learner.

    Just-in-time learning is set up to deliver training to you when and where you need it. Just-in-time learning is eLearning modules, tutorials, videos and podcasts that allows you to focus on "nuggets" of information to perform specific tasks and solve problems as they pop up. 

    The Continuing Care Health Service Standards (CCHSS) set the minimum requirements that operators such as The Bethany Group must comply in the provision of Health Care. This page is set up to assist continuing care (Lodge, DSL, LTC and RCC) staff with organizing CCHSS education requirements.

    Standard 9.0 sets mandatory training requirements. There are several mandatory education courses you can meet by completing the eLearning module online or by attending a face-to-face training session Please read the course description for each requirement.

    Welcome to the Health Care Aide Program course page. This is a HCA student hub for Bethany Group staff enrolled in the NorQuest HCA Workplace Delivery program.  You will find resources such as the program calendar, student guidelines, clinical tracking records, how to access Moodle exams, a student forum and so much more. If you notice something missing that could help students with their learning, please contact education services.

    As we continue to grow as an organization some of our resources, such as our library materials, are not easily accessible for all of our staff. We have created an online library system as a way to make borrowing library resources easier for staff at our distant sites. If you work in Eckville or Forestberg etc., you will have the same access to borrowing materials as the Camrose staff do.

    The Continuing Care Desktop link and information sheet is found on the library page. The Continuing Care Health Service Standards are listed in the CC Desktop.